Saturday, June 16, 2007

HuggaMutt CuddleBum

As promised, here is Ellie by the Chemung River.

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Darlene said...

I love it, and the way she came up to you after she foraged through the undergrowth, tail wagging, all happy to tell you about her experiences!

Husband Mark and I were down by the Mississippi this afternoon. He sat on a lawn chair and read, while I took off, like Ellie, to forage through the nearby woods with my binoculars. I saw two big woodpeckers, lots of big holes that cavity nesters had made in the trees, one young robin that still had its spots, and four Boston orioles, besides lots of small birds that I couldn't identify because the sun didn't hit them the right way, and their colors weren't visible enough. (I didn't see any indigo buntings this time, which was disappointing.)

Then, like Ellie, I hurried back to Mark, all happy, to tell him about my experiences. Only difference is, my tail wasn't wagging, but my heart was.